Jossi Orthopedics AG is a contract manufacturer supplying orthopaedic companies with premium metallic components, mainly for hip, knee and shoulder endoprostheses. We provide innovative solutions for the development of implant systems.

Our core capabilities are efficient machining and forming/deep drawing of Titanium and Titanium alloys.


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Contract Manufacturing

Jossi Orthopedics AG owns a modern machine inventory, embedded in a corresponding CAD/CAM environment, to manufacture implant components accurately and efficiently. Prior to precision machining forming/deep drawing can be deployed, especially useful to shape blanks for acetabular shells or complex, bent trauma plates.
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HybridManufacturing™ is the combination of forming and machining – a unique production method resulting in extensive savings in raw material and machining time. This combination is predisposed to create intelligent solutions for cementless acetabular cups.
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