Jossi Group grows, divests orthopaedics business

 The Jossi Group, headquartered in Islikon, has been successfully active in medical technology for over 50 years. Jossi AG manufactures precision instruments primarily for the medtech industry; it occupies a leading position in the Swiss market and neighbouring Germany. This position is to be further expanded over the next few years. For the financial year which started in April, a turnover of CHF 35 million is expected. The current number of employees is 120.

 In contrast, Jossi Orthopedics AG, the "little sister" of Jossi AG with a turnover of 4.5 million CHF, is struggling with difficulties. It manufactures components for joint implants on behalf of customers, partly on the basis of innovative solutions. Due to the increasing regulatory density in this industry, little innovation can be expected over the next few years. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small supplier companies to bear the necessary quality system costs.

Due to this constellation, Jossi Orthopedics AG will discontinue its activities within one year. Jossi AG will take over most of the resources that become available.

 Armin Jossi, President: "We believe it is the right time to focus the activities of our Group. There have been so many changes in the marketplace in recent years that we need to develop our strategies further."